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If your site is infected it is important to take quick action. It can send spam emails, redirect users to other sites, or faithfully reproduce payment or banking pages.

When your website is infected, search engines (eg Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), browsers, and antivirus systems installed on your PC will try to prevent user access.

It is recommended that after cleaning the viruses to opt for a site maintenance service, a service that ensures the maintenance of the site so that it is no longer the victim of attacks.

The most common attacks on sites are injections into the source code of scripts that contain malicious links, malicious applications, etc.

These viruses can corrupt files and databases, generate phishing pages (pages that attempt to steal personal information), install spammers (unsolicited emails), or add malicious content (links, images, text).

The targeted sites are, as a rule, the sites created on open source platforms such as: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop etc. If you do not intervene quickly to remove these viruses and secure the site, browsers will restrict access to the site with an alert message such as: `The website you are about to access contains malware!`.

A very serious consequence of these viruses is the restriction of access to the site from the Google search engine and subsequently the removal of the site from the search results.

After the site has been cleaned of viruses we request a re-evaluation to Google in order to remove the restriction of accessing the site.


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